Questions I Have For You, Part I

Life’s been a bit hectic lately so I’ve been feeling pretty dull. My hair doesn’t have that shine and bounce it normally does, you know? I don’t have too many answers right now so the typical blog format of “Semi-implicit question, long clever jokes about the answer” isn’t going to do it today. So here’s some questions I have, feel free to answer them via DM or email or whatever.

So first, do you like this song? How long does it take before you recognize which song it is?


Do you still listen to the radio? Do you have a car?

How does insurance work for folks who are unemployed? Does it change based on age, besides the 26 year old family cut off? How much does it cost for individuals to have?

Have you ever read any stories that could be termed political (science) fiction? I’m not too interested in Foundation series type stuff, but more like a story/guess about what American politics is going to be like in 10 years. Was there a science fiction writer who predicted trolling?

There is a mindset that argues that there is value in focusing in on the classics and the Great Works of Literature as a way of finding the True values in life. I don’t much subscribe to that line of thinking and I imagine there are others who don’t either. What’s the name of the school of thought that are against the Great Books type thinking? Also, when you don’t know the words to google for but are reasonably certain the material is out there if only you had the right keywords, how do you go about searching for those keywords?

Has touching a physical object ever inspired hope in you?

Which questions should I be asking but am I not?

By the questions I’m asking, what do you think I’m thinking about?

What part of the future are you looking forward to that you can’t experience now?

What part of the past do you think you can’t ever experience again?

Has programming ever felt stale to you?


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